UK Firewood Shortage

UK Firewood Shortage January 27, 2021 10:37

The UK is currently in the grip of a major firewood shortage. Extreme European demand coupled with a lack of container shipping and Brexit means that it is currently very hard to get stock into the UK.
Bone Dry Logs are endeavoring to bring in as much firewood as possible and increase our use of UK processed timber , however during January and March and possibly beyond shortages will occur impacting directly on our delivery times and product catalogue .
With transport rates increasing in some cases doubling , we have also seen our costs dramatically increased and as a result we have been forced to increase, quite substantially, most prices. As we expect the current situation to last at least until March, if you are shopping for firewood why not consider changing your order to suit our stock or think briquettes – they have good availability, a very high heat output, are easy to handle , store , and burn with minimal ash – they could be just what you need.
Best Regards