Bone-dry Briquettes


These UK-made briquettes have been a roaring success the moisture content is ideal for a steady long burn at a great introductory price offering great value with free mainland delivery definitely one to try.  

Supplied in 96 or 48 packs each pack containing 12 blocks and weighing 10 kg


Made from 100% renewable wood fuel
Calorific value: 4.9kWh/kg
Max. ash content: 1%
Max. water content: 6% 

Burning characteristics:

We recommend you use the briquettes for a long burn or add them to an ongoing fire to produce a steady hot boost  if you use seasoned wood which is not burning well add one or two of these to get the fire going again, on their own, they produce a great flame and then settle down into a hot, glowing block which will emit good heat for many hours 

Try our eco Dr Heat firefighters to get them started. 

NB Briquette will expand slightly