BEST VALUE Kiln Dried Stove Wood from our Scottish range


 Giant Net 2m3 (=3x standard bulk bags)  

1.6m3 bag (=2x standard bulk bags)

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 BEST VALUE product giving superb value for money, sourced from Scottish sustainable forests, selected, cleaned, cut to length 25cm split then finished in our environmentally friendly wood-chip fired kiln to just below 20% moisture, suitable for all stoves or fires. Larch (technically a softwood) is actually more dense than Alder (technically a hardwood) and when kiln-dried is an excellent burning product, giving good heat and low ash, our 2 M3 Giant Net(Approximately 3 Bulk Bags) and the 1.6 m3 double bag (two standard bulk bags )are  great value for a ready to burn wood.

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