Hotties Pini Kay Wood Briquetes

Pini-Kay Wood Briquette 

Our No 1 Briquette. These are compressed blocks of sawdust from Oak hardwoods, that are economic alternatives to cut log products which also produces greater heat outputs with a long hot burn, these briquettes offer easy, convenient combustion and are suitable for burning in multi-fuel stoves, log burners and open fireplaces.

Reasons to use briquettes:

  • The heat output of a single pallet of briquettes is equivalent to 8m³ of seasoned logs – a saving of approximately 40%.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Produce minimum levels of ash.
  • Moisture content less than 10% resulting in greater heat output.
  • Can be split by hand for smaller stoves.
  • Easy to store, so minimum storage space required.

Our briquettes are made from 100% natural virgin wood and contain no additives. 

The briquettes are packed in easily managed packs, each containing 10 briquettes and weigh 10kg.

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