Kiln Dried Ash Logs

Premium Kiln Dried Ash logs 25 cm long, 8 to 15 cm wide up to 20% moisture content.

No more damp wood that wont burn

No more big logs that wont fit in the fire

No more rubbish to bulk out the bag

Just quality processed wood ready to burn

Bag Size Height-85-90cm Width-85-90cm Depth-85-90cm Material- Woven Polypropylene Standard Builders Bulk Bag (Rated 1 Tonne)

NB we are not delivering 1 Tonne weight of wood, the bag is rated for 1Tonne safe weight limit    

Orders Phone E-Mail or enter your delivery details on the web site and we will contact you re delivery dates,access etc


George Thomson


Dundee Road

Coupar Angus

PH13 9EJ


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